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Here at Gilliland Web Design Studios, creating a web page takes planning as well as implementation to give it a cohesive, unique look. It also requires maintenance to keep the information up-to-date.

My degree in Computer Science taught me the importance of planning and the creation of elegant, comprehensive solutions. My experience with editing newsletters taught me the importance of timely information, deadlines, and good copy.

A website is another way of getting your message out to the public, and the internet is a much larger audience than in any local news media or specialty magazine. And you can have that website for less than $500!! (not including web design and maintenance)

What if you"re not in business? Perhaps you have a hobby or an interest and would like to share your information with other people who have the same interests? What better way to reach out than through the Internet, the “Information Superhighway"? Particularly at Shawler Web Design"s special rates!

It is crucial that your message reaches every possible person on the internet. It is essential for your message to reach every person. Gimmicky plug-ins and wizardry cannot be viewed by an active minority of internet browsers, and if it downloads too slow, then you"ve lost a potential customer.

Fast download times and clean, elegant design gives you the edge over your competitors: not only are you exploiting a new medium, but you"re able to do it without making anyone"s browser crash.

When I design your web page, this is at the forefront of my mind.

Inexpensive website design and website hosting for business at affordable rates.

In addition to web design, we also provide specialized internet promotion
and optimization service for business websites.

Contact our website designer for inexpensive solutions
for the development of your web design.

We include search engine optimization with our website design.

Find out why hundreds of business sites have used Imagination The Web for their professional business website design.

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