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The starting point for every business wanting to be on the Internet is image. First impressions and perceptions are critical. In this day and age, many buyers seek information from the Internet first in order to screen companies that they want to do business with. We start out by developing your image first. We take into account your goals, objectives, and existing marketing, and use that information to create the appropriate look and feel for your site. We serve web design clients near zip code 78719 and beyond. Areas include Pilot Knob, Moores Crossing, Carl, Elroy, Maha, Bluff Springs, Creedmoor, Del Valle, Pleasant Hill, Onion Creek.

Web design is, in essence, an expression of who you are and what you have to offer. It must go beyond simply disseminating information to existing clients or trying to attract attention from prospects. Your web design should be an extension of your business, allowing people to relate to what you are all about.

WordPress Colton Website Design Customization

In addition to looking good, Colton Web Design sites are very streamlined and easy to navigate. Visual appearance is not enough to capture true attention. If a site is difficult to navigate, or a prospect/client has to work too hard to get the information they seek, they will simply leave a site and go elsewhere. We take extra care to build your site so that it is user-friendly.

Colton Texas Web Marketing

The most important step for your Internet needs. Yes, some web sites are just a tool, but most are looking to promote, sell, and attract new customers and clients. You"ve built one of the most dynamic web sites on the Internet, but if they can"t find you, then you"re not really there.

Website Marketing takes a lot of research to find out where your company stands and what category you"re looking to conquer. Some categories only have a couple thousand sites to compete with, where as others have hundreds of thousands of sites. Some companies even pay to be at the top.

Custom Web Design in Colton

There are several factors to consider when doing Internet Marketing. We manually submit to around 50 search engines, business listings, indexes, and directories. Why manually? Because automation just doesn"t work. Yes, there are thousands of search engines out there, but don"t be fooled, most of them are never used and don"t pertain to your line of business anyway. We believe in quality not quantity.

Let us help your business grow by working together to achieve the goals and ranking we know you want. We will find out what it takes and make it happen.

Customized Template Websites

Why not contact us to find out how we can help promote your business with a personalized and professional website!

You may be asking yourself:

  • Do I really need a website?
  • What will a website do for my business?
  • How will a website increase my sales or find me more clients or customers?
  • How will my business benefit in the long term?
  • How will that benefit help my business?
  • Why should I ask you to design a website for me?

We believe your business needs a website and will benefit from a website

  • Without a website you could be missing out on an effective advertising tool and possibly losing out to your competitors who have established themselves on the Internet already and benefiting from the Internet"s commercial potential. Just pick up the Yellow Pages, go to your relevant section and see for yourself how many of your competitors have a web presence already!
  • It can help you introduce your services and/or products more effectively.
  • It can significantly reduce your running costs.
  • Your website can be used for marketing, advertising and sales.
  • It can boost sales, improve purchasing, and can help your business to become more profitable.

You may be thinking, having a website designed for you will cost a lot of money. This is why we do not have a set pricing structure. The cost of designing your site is driven by how much you can afford and/or wish to invest in this remarkable and effective advertising tool.

Colton Web Maintenance

Colton Web Design is proud to offer web hosting services. Choosing a web host is a very important step, we"ve searched long and hard for a great web host that includes great options, 24/7 tech supportĀ  and most of all great pricing.

We"ve been hosting our own sites as well as client sites with them for years, so if your in the market for a web host take our word that they"re a great company to be associated with. Check out the different packages, what they offer and pricing below.

Feel free to just sign up for hosting or if your in the market for web development let us do the work for you.